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Roots on the River: Underwriting

2016 Festival Underwriters

Vermont Festivals LLC owes a huge encore of thanks to our financial sponsors, without whom Roots on the River would not exist. However, there's no such thing as "too much underwriting", and the 2017 festival can certainly use some. Please get in touch if you're interested!

Thank you for your continued support!

Chris Allen and Anita Carlson-Allen

Camilla Arnold and Wayne Kunkle

Jim and Laurel Bryden

Steve and Gail Bush

Jim Carroll

John Carter

Sarah Chamberlain

Domenic Cicala

Ted and Ruth Cody

Cairn Cross

Allison Deen

Joann Deligo

Mike and Peggy Dunham

Bill and Kathleen Fleischman

Flying Under Radar

Walt Flynn and Mary Scanlon-Flynn

Robb Fox

Jim Geary

Lorn and Liz Gingrich

Greater Rock Fitness

Henry Farm Inn

Charlie Hunter

Jake Jacobson

Jim Kelly

Mike and Julie Kleiner

Naomi Lindenfeld and Michael Bosworth

Jim and Jane Macri

Karin Mallory

Berta Martin

Sloane Moretz

Mountainside Tattoo

James and Doreen Noyes

Liz Ostwold

Mike and Ragi Patel | Rodeway Inn

Dorothy and Stewart Read

Ken and Gloria Reinhardt

Roots on the Rails

Martha Rowley

Sovernet Communications

Dan and Kathy Tappan

Dave Tartaglia

Village Square Booksellers

Dan Weber

Greg and Annette Wilson

Deena Wolfe-Guerin

Judy Yogman