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Booking for Roots on the River 2015 is closed.

Artists interested in being considered for any other Vermont Festivals venues should send hard copy to:

Vermont Festivals, LLC
90 Westminster Street
Bellows Falls, VT 05101

Digital submissions accepted here, but preferably via Dropbox (use Reviews within last 2 years appreciated. Please highlight 2-3 tracks that best represent artist's work. If VTF has an appropriate venue opening, we will submit a detailed offer by email, so please include all relevant contact information. It is not necessary to confirm receipt of hard copy/electronic copy. Booking for Roots on the River headline artists occurs primarily from November to January; for supporting artists, from January through March. For all other venues we book all year long and try to book 6-12 months in advance. If a particular artist catches our fancy, we may book on short notice, so keep that in mind if you are routing through southeastern Vermont anytime.

Many thanks to all the artists, agents, managers, fans, parents, spouses and music critics for the incredible wealth of music submitted for Vermont Festivals' consideration again this year. Trying to choose 20 or so festival artists out of hundreds of interested bands is a blessing and a curse. We keep a running list of potential artists for the festival and our other venues, so you may get a surprise email one day making you an offer to come play for us somewhere.

For other inquiries, get in touch at